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Boat winches seem a bit archaic compared to the SNAPPER remote boat latch system. Boat Latch Vs Boat Winch.

Dealing with the hustle and bustle of a crowded weekend boat ramp can be one of the most frustrating events of the day.  When it comes to the boat winch aspect of trailering your boat, nothing is worse than having an inexperienced mate helping launch or trailer your boat.   The SNAPPER boat winch replacement boat latch system aims to take the angst out of the equation and the labor out of laborious.

The SNAPPER boat winch replacement boat latch system won't speed up the queue of boaters awaiting their turn at the ramp, but it will make you the most liked boater of the day as you'll be out of the water in record speeds.  The SNAPPER boat winch replacement boat latch system keeps you safer, dryer, and much less stressed.  I don't know where you are from, but in Florida, boat ramps are as busy as Black Friday shopping (if you don't know what that is ask your wife), as slippery as an ice-skating rink, and full of incorrigible sunburned cranky boaters looking to get home.   Personally, I like to make it home in a happy mood, so getting out of the ramp in a short time has limited my bad encounters with the aforementioned boaters.  

Typically, those that use a boat winch will have the person backing the boat trailer become the hooking partner (the one getting wet), while the captain keeps the throttle pinned in an effort to maintain the boat latching eye bolt  stay pressed against the forward roller or V pad while securing the winch hook.  Other scenarios include the captain driving the boat as far on the trailer as possible, and then either exiting over the bow or from the side to latch and winch the boat.  In this case, more times than not, the trailer is just a bit too high to winch the boat all the way so the captain finds himself going back to the helm to power further on the trailer, and finally finishing off with winching the boat tight. The opposite often happens where the hull has too much water under it and floats off the trailer while the captain moves around securing and winching the boat. 

Wouldn't it be much less taxing after a long day of boating if you could just drive up on the trailer and pull out in one effortless attempt!   The SNAPPER boat winch replacement boat latch system makes this possible. In fact, I've been using my SNAPPER boat latch system for over a year now and I can pull my 20 foot Hewes out in under 20 seconds from the time my bow reaches the trailer lights!  Pulling out in 20 seconds most certainly turns heads, and if your driver is on track with your proceedures it a SNAPPER!  I fish with the same group of friends weekly and they all know that when they feel the slight bump to look for the thumbs up and then pull out until the boat sits down, at which time I take a quick peek to each side to ensure allignment and I'm out.  On those times when the trailer sits a little high and the hull sits tight as I make contact, well I'm out in one motion in under 15 seconds.  

Now, on those days when I fish alone, which is a few times per week, I don't have the luxury of having a second mate operating the trailer so this is where the SNAPPER boat latch really shines!  The first time I used the SNAPPER boat latch I was hooked.   The key here is to position your trailer to sit a little higher in the water so when you latch the SNAPPER jaws to the boat's eye bolt your hull is sitting firm and not floating freely.  From there it's just a matter of exiting the boat and pulling out. 

Launching your boat from the SNAPPER boat latch is a snap as well.  Actually, it's down right pretty cool!  To properly launch just back down the ramp to the spot that you know it'll float off swiftly, board the boat and start the motor, and when warmed up and ready, just put it in forward to releave the pressure from the built in safety feature and press the key fob button to release the boat, then shift to nuetral and enjoy the feeling of sliding in the water.  

Boat Latch Vs Boat Winch. 

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The following is a 2 part review.  the first is the details on the product and the install, and the second part is my experience and thoughts of the SNAPPER boat latch. 

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