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There are just a handful of bilge pump brands on the market making 2000 GPH+ pumps, so selecting a bilge pump shouldn't be that hard, right? It's not, unless you start searching the web for opinions on bilge pumps, and then you'll start to second guess yourself.  I've used many brands of bilge pumps, and I always want to come back to Johnson SPX.  A few things that I like about the Johnson L2200 SPX pump is the mechanical carbon ceramic seal, stainless steel shaft, the liquid cooled 12 pole double ball bearing motor, and the weight, which is about 4 pounds heavier than a rule 2000.  The L2200 is built like a tank, and it's about $30 less than the Rule 2000.   

In this review, I am going to perform actual tests on the pumping volume of the SPX L2200 Bilge Pump to show you the actual output volume, as well as continue to report back with updates as to how it's holding up.  From this, you still won't know what the best bilge pump is, as I'm not comparring, but you'll certainly learn a lot about these bilge pumps.   As you can see in the image, I also purchased two 750 GPH Johnson livewell pumps, and the Aqua Jet 5.2 wash down pump kit. 

Stay Tuned...