Florida Inshore Angler 


Situational Methodology

Focusing on structure, weather, and seasons to dictate where the fish will be and when they will be there. Forget learning the bio's for each fish, learn their instinctual patterns and know what all fish like!  


Eliminate 90%

Stop wasting valuable time fishing dead water zones!  I'll show you how to fish the 10% of water that holds fish, whether it be a back water eddy on the river, a beachfront seawall, a mangrove system, oyster bar, grass flats, etc., you'll always be in the 10% catching fish!

Catch Fish Like the Pros

Not many of us can fish three to five days a week like the pros do, but knowing how, when, and where fish travel will put you on them 24/7, even when you aren't fishing every day!

Your GPS to the Fish

Whether the fish are camping out in the backwater marshes, basking on the beach, ripping up the mangroves, nestled up in a river hole, or anything in between, the details in this book will lead you to the fish under any condition.

Details so insightful it feels like you're swimming with em! .

Explore the underwater world without getting wet.

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Florida Fishing - Published 1997 - New Version Coming Soon

About Florida Fishing - The Book

Originally designed as a progressive 3 part series fishing book, I got a bit side tracked and tabled the project after the first publication. I picked back up in 2017 with my newest title Florida Inshore Angler - Situational Methodology, and now planing the next update to Florida Fishing.     





Fish ID Better Than The Real Thing!

The color images you see in most books now days were originally designed for this book by Diane Rome Peebles, and first printed in this book.  These images are incredibly detailed and represent each species better than the actual fish, for fool proof identification! 

Well Rounded Topics

This book touches on a wide variety of topics from basic tackle, baits, tips and tactics, to fish ID, fishing spots, first aid, and recipes to name but a few.  The update will expand upon topics already present, thus offering a well rounded and detailed fishing reference.  





An Extention of Florida Inshore Angler

Having a far different format than Florida Inshore Angler, this book will complement FIA nicely and complete a full fishing reference guide series that leaves out nothing in the world of inshore angling.  The update will include both series 2 and 3 rolled into one book, rather than the original 3 book series that was planned.